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Frequently Asked Question!

Yes, CNC smartfoods are made from natural ingredients that you can identify, e.g beans, millet, acha, Guinea corn, peanuts, ginger, cloves etc

 Absolutely not. No preservatives like sodium benzoate or any form of preservative is added. We process according to standards recommended by health organisations to improve nutrients in products.


Yes, CNC smartfoods are 100% gluten. No wheat or anything containing wheat.

No they are not refined, they are processed to make preparation easy for you. Most or all the nutrients are retained in our method of processing and packaging

No. No sugar added to the flour, but a little portion is added to some of our snacks to enable you enjoy eating healthy

Yes, our products are enjoyed by children. Start with the healthy snacks, fruity acha, chocolaty tamba pap etc. Visit Visit website to order her recipe book.

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