About Us

We Are Your Favorite Store.

CNC Smartfoods was born out of passion to see people eat right, live healthy and still enjoy what they are eating. I am Dietitian Michelle Umeadi; with over 10years of experience. I have seen people give up on their quest to live healthy- why? Boring, unpalatable foods. Personally, I have struggled with eating right and having lost between 17-25kg three times in my life. And I know the struggle is not over.

So, rather than live a life sentenced to counting and measuring every calorie and exercising even when my body aches. I chose to focus on the quality of food I eat (wholesome foods) and make room for indulging. I enjoy my life now, and eating smart made it easy.

Hey! You deserve to eat and enjoy what you are eating. Freedom is what CNC Smartfoods has to offer to you.

Our Vision

To be the leading smart food company across the globe producing healthy foods, creating great wealth and empowering people through numerous job opportunities.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to be the best and most unique smart food brand in the market focused on the health and satisfaction of our customers, enabling them to enjoy improvements in their lives through our easy- to- use and affordable products.
  • Our method is to continually improve product quality and quantity and to aggressively market to newer and better customers.
  • We measure our success by growing 100 percent  or more in productivity, sales and profitability every year

Certified Products

Our products are made and packaged in clean working bench, certified by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

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